“I truly cannot thank you and your staff enough for all you do for the residents of Regal Heights. I can see your heart in all the activities and events you plan. It has been so difficult to have my mom in a nursing facility due to my limited capacity to provide the care she needs, but you have been a saving grace during this difficult journey. The activities that you thoughtfully plan out keep my mom motivated and give her purpose when at times she feels she doesn’t have any. …Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work. It gives me peace knowing you and your staff are there when I can’t be.”

-Patricia Miller

“Your nurse supervisor is truly an asset to Regal Heights patients and family members. I found her to be excellent in communication, articulating my ramblings in a summary we both could agree on for next steps. … She was instrumental.”

-Sue Hagenbuch

“Seeing people like you out in the field of assisting the aging population from a different perspective, it gives me renewed hope knowing people like you are dedicated to providing the best care for this vulnerable population.”

-Donna Conty

“From the moment you toured me around Regal Heights until we left, you were cheerful, kind, accommodating and efficient. Thank you.”

-Marie Perrone